The passages of a price

The passages of a price

The passages of a price
The passages of a price

I want to buy a shirt.But, what actually pay its price.
When I buy the shirt from the store, the price I pay is used to pay : the clerk, the store manager, the owner. Before being on sale, our shirt comes from a wholesaler.   Salespeople advised the shopkeeper about  the quality, the material of wich is done, the model of this shirt, have established how many pieces must be ordered. Part of the money goes to them.
An important part goes to the owner of the factory, which sold the shirt to shopkeeper.The manufacturer pays the weavers, tailors, and of course keeps its its compensation.

A part of this money will be given to the farmer who provided raw materials .The farmer will pay the laborers and the works of the ground , and will take a slice for themself. All of them pay for the transport.

And, to sell, all this people,from the farmer to the shopkeeper, need publicity.
The raw material, in our case the cotton, was extracted free from the earth . You only pay for the work.

Let us presume that one of these products, costs 5 euro on supermarket. 60% of that price is the cost of the passages, from the wholesaler, salespeople, transports, advertising. So 3 euro from 5 is paid  to these people.

The passages of a price
The passages of a price

I have known the company who for over half a century is working in a different way .
Instead of buying the raw material has decided to grow plants in their sustainable farms.
Instead of using harmful pesticides, herbicides or chemical fertilizers,they let the nature at work. Their laboratories include more than 150 scientists, researchers and trainers.
Don’t make shirts like in our example,but products of wide consumption,food supplements and other high quality products .

Cleaning Products
The result of many years of scientific research has led to the development of a new brand of products for the cleaning. The detergents for laundry,surfaces and dishes offer high performance and are enriched with a unique formula that contains natural ingredients with extraordinary cleaning power, while protecting the environment.
All detergents are: biodegradable, concentrated, dermatologically tested.

The products for skin treatment are created with more precious vegetable ingredients . The main priority are their effectiveness. They are enhanced with fruity and floral fragrances  carefully selected.

Hair care
Herbal ingredients and nutrients carefully selected repair, renew and revitalize the hair
according to its specific needs.

Natural perfumes
The mix of natural fragrances like lavender and cedarwood create fresh and voluptuous scents .

The passages of a price
The passages of a price

Food supplements
Each product is the direct result of extensive field and laboratory tests carried out by
scientists, microbiologists, chemists, pharmacists, nutritionists and other technicians. Each plant is treated at a few hours of harvesting, in order to preserve the greatest amount possible of valuable nutrients.


Power of 5 call us to support the health and the lives of less fortunate children in the world.

Is an international company that develops in 90 countries and territories.


I invite you to explore a possibility of gain, which can be: a possibility of saving money, a second income or royalty .
By ordering natural , concentrated and high-quality products, direct from the factory, you will save money,having discounts as a consumer .

Moneyback guarantee.

The passages of a price
The passages of a price

As a collaborator
40% of the price of a product goes to pay the laborers, the scientists, other expenses, and the remaining 60%, which the normal supermarket pays the various passages, will be redistributed to its collaborators according on the everybody work .

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